About Diet Digital

Diet Digital is a small digital studio/agency specialising in WordPress sites for small businesses and anyone on a small budget but still wants a great looking and well performing site.

It’s really a one man show, helmed by me, Xavier Verhoeven. I’m a digital producer, tinkerer & developer. I’m a generalist, so I can help you with all sorts of WordPress problems and build some pretty cool sites for much less than you’d expect. I also know some awesome specialists if you need something a little bit crazier.

I’ll help you get online faster, cheaper and with a better site than you ever thought possible. I’ve built everything from tiny budget single-page sites to mid-sized e-commerce projects with hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue.

I also co-founded, built, and later sold, wherethetruck.at – the best website and app to find Australia’s awesome food trucks.

Plus, in my day job I work on mobile apps and websites for some of Australia’s largest companies.

Oh yeah. I have a day job. I build sites because I love it. I hope you can tell. This isn’t for every client. I get that. But if you don’t mind me not being available 9-5, it’ll work out just fine. Plus, I won’t clock off because it’s home time. If you need something done, I’m here to do it.

Why WordPress?

Because it’s awesome. It’s free, there are tonnes of great developers who can work on your site, you’re not locked into a proprietary platform, and there are literally thousands of pre-made themes to get your site started in no time. Not to mention a whole range of ‘plugins’ that can add pretty much any functionality you can think of.

Want to sell stuff? Done.

Want a calendar and booking system for a holiday house? We can do that.

Want social media integration? Easy.

Something different that we’ve never considered? It’s almost certainly possible.

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